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Toying With Ideas

I recently came across the audio version of a really good fanfic (Stars Apart, Shine the Same by sineala), and I was wondering about the idea of recording podfic.

Opinions? On podfic, on the whole audiobook genre, whatever. If you want, I'll record a sample of something I've written so you can hear what I sound like.


P.S. The link to the audio of sineala's fic is here.



So here we are, and here I am with some more macros, this time with quotes from Firefly.


Nothing Can Surpass the Art of Dying

So I'm late with this, but I feel that it's better late than never to remember one of my musical heroes.

George Harrison, perhaps best known as the lead guitarist of The Beatles, passed away on November 29th of 2001. Not to sound completely depressing, but there are two events I remember from that year: September 11, and George Harrison's death.
Now I'll post later ranting about how much I love The Beatles, but that's for later. This is all about George today.
To keep this short, here's what you need to know:
-He was a genius guitarist. Definitely one of the greatest.
-My favorite Beatle? Yes.
-The Concert For Bangladesh, his brainchild, was the predecessor for all benefit concerts like LiveAid.
-He was a very spiritual person, and his beliefs enriched his life and his music.
-He had a killer gallows humor-He hired new gardeners at his Friar Park home, and shortly afterwards he was nearly fatally stabbed. While being carried away by EMTs, he saw the new gardeners and asked them "So, how do you like the job so far?"

Good night, and in honor of George, take his widow Olivia's words to heart:

"I think of George and a million wonderful things flood my mind and heart. And a million things in the world remind me of him, from a leaf blowing across the sky to hum of a guitar string.
God bless us all. Send your warm loving thoughts to all the people in the spiritual sky and your kind actions to the people here in the material world, especially those in need."

So let's not be sad that he's gone, and instead be glad for all the things he did when he was alive, and all the memories we have of him and his music.

~Whil <3

Are souls acceptable forms of currency?

Beatles Videogame. September 9th.
I may or may not be willing to sell my (as yet unconcieved) offspring to purchase this game. HOLY SHIT IT WILL BE SO AMAZING.
The Beatles have had a pretty profound effect on my life-believe me when I say I was raised on their music-so I am beyond psyched for this game. I literally had a spaz after I read the whole article about it in the Times Magazine.
I am so conflicted, though. I really want to buy the game, but I'm not sure if I'll have paid off my debt for it by the time Star Trek comes out. I'M SORRY CPT. FINE, JOHN CAME FIRST. PLUS THE FACT THAT ANTON IS A BEATLES FAN ONLY VALIDATES THIS DECISION MORE.


In other news, I am now registered to drive in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as of Friday. :DD And, following my luck with motor vehicles, guess what happened last night?

We got rear-ended! Yaaaay! This is officially the second car accident I've been in. (No one was hurt, thankfully, and the car is actually not that damaged.)
Those of you who have met my little brother know that we're not very much alike. We don't even look alike, for goodness' sake. (Here's a funny comparison-Take Peter and Claire from Heroes, and you sort of have my brother's and my complexions in reverse. I have green eyes, though, and my brther is very fair) Here's another thing-we react to accidents very differently. Peter freaks out, and I start to simmer. Like, I got angry. You won't like me when I'm angry.
Turns out the other driver was very sorry (and apparently very nice) and completely admitted to being at fault. So no harm done, I guess.

Continuing onwards, I watched the movie Fanboys recently. So funny. OMG. Especially the battles with the trekkies. Just go watch it, people.

I don't know whether I should be proud or nervous that I noticed the inaccuracy of the Kirk vs. Khan statue they showed. But be you Trekkie, Star Wars fan, or just someone with a sense of humor, go watch it.

Till later,

Alright, those pictures I posted yesterday were just a taste of some of the ones I had made in the hope of putting them on ontd_st. But since my entry got rejected, here are the rest:

I am HOPE.Collapse )

This is a test.

This is only a test of embedding photos, but you all get to see some of the set of macros I've done over the past 2 days. ( roflbot is the best)
They're Sandman quotes, in case anyone was wondering. (obscure crossover is obscure)
Omnia mutantur, nihil interit.Collapse )

Fanfic Journal

Alrighty, I now have a journal for fanfic.
Why? Why not?

It's hiding_places , and you can stop by if you wish to. Hopefully I'll have stuff up there soon.

Sorry, short entry.



Pinto-Dancing When No One Else Watches

The third and final poem written for b_dsaint's birthday.

Title: Dancing When No One Else Watches
Disclaimer: This is a lovely delusion, and is of no more substance than the air.
Summary: These moments are their favorites.
Notes: Schmoop. Also, the song "8x10" was playing in my head while writing this. I feel it fits, and if you want to listen to it, you can download it here.

Step, two, threeCollapse )

Pinto-Love Note

Part 2 of the poems.

Title: Love Note (Written on a takeout menu at 2 AM by a very drunk Chris)
Disclaimer: As eloquent as Chris is, I'm pretty sure he doesn't write drunken poetry. That is a fantasy of my making.
Summary: He'd had a lot to drink, and a lot on his mind.

Call Me.Collapse )

Pinto-Routines, Habits, and Inclinations

Part one of three Pinto-themed poems I wrote for b_dsaint's birthday.

Title:Routines, Habits, and Inclinations
Disclaimer: Lies, all lies.
Summary: Themes on a relationship.

Wake up alone/get coffee alone/go running aloneCollapse )